Weekend Nachos – Still


Weekend Nachos - Still

Apart from having one of the best band names this side of “Piss Vortex,” Weekend Nachos are one of the leading purveyors of the modern powerviolence/crust punk scene. Well, at least they were. They broke up earlier this year and released the teaser for their final album as I was writing this article.1 Still is their penultimate full-length, released in 2013 on Relapse Records.2 True to form, the album is powerviolence’s patented mix of death metal and hardcore punk with crust influences that retains a distinct dirty/sludgy tone that distinguishes powerviolence from the closely-related grindcore genre, although the two share a propensity for sociopolitical lyrics and microsongs. There are no solos and no real technicality; Still is about full brutality to evoke the sonic equivalent of unbridled anger rather than advertise the individual talents of the band members.

The lyrics are socially empowering, in contrast to the pessimistic/fatalistic attitude of Weekend Nachos’ contemporaries. John Hoffman is not an eloquent singer,3 but he has a powerful delivery and mostly averts HOOBADOOBA Syndrome.4 “S.C.A.B.” fires at the wannabe punks who antagonize authority for antagonism’s sake, with progressive (for punk!) lyrics about how “some cops are bastards / … others will help protect you” and asking the image-conscious punks if they have “experience[d] real brutality / … or did [they] read about it on a lyric sheet.” “Wolves” rails against societal double standards against women having “to prove [themselves]” in the scene, deriding the men who assume women are “only there ’cause she wants to fuck.” Hoffman attacks the punk scene again on “You’re Not Punk;” just because you’re “yelling in my face” does not mean you have a message worth hearing. “Ignore” is unintentionally funny; it’s pretty ironic that there’s a whole song dedicated to not caring about what someone thinks or says. Oh well.

Check out Still for an angry, good time.

1. Sickened No More – (0:43) – ★★★☆☆
2. No Idols and No Heroes – (1:40) – ★★★★☆
3. S.C.A.B.5 6 – (1:34) – ★★★★★
4. Satan Sucker – (1:31) – ★★★☆☆
5. Late Night Walks – (0:59) – ★★★☆☆
6. Watch You Suffer – (3:25) – ★★★★☆
7. Wolves – (1:41) – ★★★★★
8. You’re Not Punk – (0:57) – ★★★☆☆
9. Ignore – (1:35) – ★★★☆☆
10. Yes Way – (1:46) – ★★★★☆
11. Broken Mirror – (1:41) – ★★★★☆
12. Still – (3:50) – ★★★★☆

Overall: ★★★½☆

1Correlation does not imply causation?
2… with some quite beautiful album artwork that reminds me of Flying Saucer Attack’s Further and Drudkh’s Autumn Aurora. I’m a sucker for edited nature photos as album art, especially that blue/black motif.
3He really likes the word “fuck.”
4… whereby the lyrics to a song are indistinguishable from yelling HOOBADOOBA over and over again. Lovingly named after the mondegreen to Napalm Death’s “You Suffer” off of Scum.
5I lied. There’s a solo here.
6Lead singer sounds like Greg Puciato from The Dillinger Escape Plan on the bridge.


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