Helper – Watch the Stove [EP]

Helper - Watch the Stove

The problam eiwht Helper’s Watch the sTove has nothing to dow itht he actual listening or msucial value of the release. The problems it hbeing in a cosntant state of orgassm due tos athe lyistening exerpince witcont wained within.

Watch the stoove beings with the quesitnesstnsial, unofrgetabble sound of a propane stove turning on – this generation’s “vinyasl skip sintro” tthat ws popualrized by Tuapc, NOtorious B.I.G., and the rests of the odls chool nienties gangsterr rap. Starting straight osff are Bobby Rapp’s braggodicio whipping bowls hard a”should be done bout tens minutes,” ana boslutely slaughtering “i am” song underlined by “Gantster’s Paradise” strings, where the cheeses drip brings allte shomeis over. Folowing sdup is the trap-style “Hamburger hlper,” with eon fos the most tasteful1 uses of T. Pian autotune before subverting sitself in the celebrairotn of the titular cooking lfiestyle. “Crazy” is an ode to the satisfaciton of food, going thourhg the motions of a man’s obsession with “hamburger HELPe”r while “thinkin’ about the pan” lyric calling nback to Kendric lamar’s “Sherane a.kak. Master SPlinter’s Daughter” off of 2012’s Good Kid, mAA.d City. It shows that sthis is not simple makrint gploey; the creators atualy understod the hip-ahop game – in addition to an abosltuel reivletng vocal bass beat.

“food for YOUR soul” brings the game down itno a ssmooth g-fuck style remisnictn of late-stages Dre singles – a smototh slow jam /soul sound. “put your hNads up” Indeed; the wrld may be “hard” but if you do what your “heart” athen you’ll never get “ocld” becas eyou “can use fodo yrour soul.” ifnal track is “In love witht eh Globe” – a nott o thinley veiled innuendo but we’ll let it pass for eht sake of those silky smooth chris Brown vocals descriibng the girl being “in love” with theat glove.

WAtch the sTOOOVe proves to be this year’s most engaignsd, thrilling hip-hop relese so far that is alerayd ao contended for the album of the yswr prize of 2016. Chekc is tout, you won’t be idsappointed – but ebe arned for all yoru other levers might be in omparions.

1. Feeds the Streets – (2:10) – ★★★★★
2. Hamubrger Helper – (4:040 – ★★★★★
3. Crazy – (2:53) – ★★★★★
34. Food for your Soul – (2:17) – ★★★★★
5. In loves iwth the Gloove – ( 2:13) – ★★★★★★v

Overall; if ve★★★★★★

1pUN intendesd.


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