Marijuana Deathsquads – Oh My Sexy Lord

Marijuana Deathsquads - Oh My Sexy Lord

Marijuana Deathsquads is a damn good band name. The five-piece includes notable Minneapolis hip-hop artist Stefan Alexander (of P.O.S. and Doomtree) and electronic artist Isaac Gale. Oh My Sexy Lord may be broadly classified as electronic rock, but with an emphasis on grime and glitch aesthetics. Processed keyboard interludes take the place of what would be guitar solos. There is no screaming; however, it would be a misstep to state that the vocals are clean: Gale’s artificially high-pitched, mangled voice elicits the product of a freak accident at the Autotune factory. Alexander’s fans will recognize the bass-led melodies featured prominent on his 2012 solo release, We Don’t Even Live Here. Although dissonant, Marijuana Deathsquads produce exceptionally danceable music.

However, the presentation is disappointing – amazing album art notwithstanding – and this is partially due to the album clocking in at a short 35 minutes with 11 tracks, three of which being little more than short segues. The “Crosstown Crippler” suite comprises around one-third of the runtime but over half the tracks; if it were merged (or perhaps condensed) into a single track, the album would have more room to explore what was otherwise merely touched upon. Examples include the ambiance of “Crosstown Crippler: Dissolve” and the breakbeat of “8 9 3,” which are curiously underdeveloped in comparison to the title section of “Crosstown Crippler.” Oh My Sexy Lord is both paradoxically unfinished for a cohesive set and bloated for a short album, like an extended-play shoehorned into a full-length.

1. Ewok Sadness – (4:12) – ★★★★★
2. Crosstown Crippler: Scheme – (2:28) – ★★★☆☆
3. Crosstown Crippler: Crosstown Crippler – (2:59) – ★★★★☆
4. Crosstown Crippler: Sunglasses and Bail Money – (3:44) – ★★★★★
5. Crosstown Crippler: Dissolve – (2:04) – ★★★★☆
6. Crosstown Crippler: Stacks – (2:40) – ★★★★★
7. Crosstown Crippler: Suge – (1:13) – ★★☆☆☆
8. Bad Boy Masterpiece – (3:47) – ★★★★☆
9. 8 9 3 – (3:41) – ★★★☆☆
10. Goldan – (4:07) – ★★★★★
11. Vibrant Beast – (4:33) – ★★★★☆1

Overall: ★★★½☆

1That’s a familiar chord progression…


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